Want to let those feelings of vacation linger even during the coldest of seasons? Capturing vacation photos will help you immortalize those experiences of sun, sand, and surf. Here are some of our insights on capturing the perfect vacation photo:

vacation photo - tell a story

Tell a Story: One of the best ways to create captivating photo content is to have them tell your story from start to finish. While it may be somewhat cliche, capturing pre-travel photos like your suitcase or the view from your airplane window will create the foundation of your narrative.

vacation photo - take your camera everwhere

Take your camera everywhere: Going on vacation will mean experiencing new and different things every day! Don’t forget to take your camera along with you on your adventures. You never know what interesting travel experience you may encounter that day.


vacation photo - capture every detail


Don’t overlook the details: Just got served a wonderfully plated meal? Are you walking along a stretch of beach with powdery white sand? Some of the most captivating images are those that capture the little details of your experience.


vacation photo - candid shots

Candid moments over staged shots: The best way to truly illustrate your vacation experience is to capture genuine and authentic moments of your friends, family, and loved ones. We love the genuineness and raw emotions that come only when capturing candid moments. Which brings us to our last tip.

vacation photo - people first

People (first!), places, and things: You are most likely to remember the moments shared with people you experienced your vacation with, so make sure you capture as many photos of your friends and family! After all, you can always find a photo of the landscapes, buildings, and things you may have encountered.


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Now that you’re a pro at vacation photography, let’s see what other travel skill we can add to your list! Stay tuned for our next blog as we give our tips on stress-free vacation planning for families.